cultural excursions

You traveled to Mexico to discover another culture. You looked to Todos Santos as an escape from the resorts.
And you've sought out Adventure 19 for a unique experience.
People come to Todos Santos to reinvent themselves—to view life in a new light.
Through our cultural excursions we give you the chance to see things differently and to experience LOCAL. 



Discover the old Baja history from the XVIII century. See the ruins of what was once a vibrant, rich city. Visit a music museum where locals have rescued all kinds of instruments and crafts, antiques the people in town are preserving as a great heritage.

The tour consists of a 40min drive from Todos Santos to the location and 1 - 1.5hr walking in the town streets with your guide.

Includes: Transportation, bilingual guide, drinks (meeting point at the Todos Santos old chimney)

$75 per person. 

 Rancho el Novillo


Local guide and anthropologist Anibal Lopez, is the one in charge of this expedition in to the INAH protected areas. He will lead you through the path of these ancient sacred places with marvelous stories. Along the way you will learn about native Mexican culture and traditions.

Anibal, explorer, naturalist, and anthropologist graduate from the university of Baja California, is a certified custodian of the INAH, with his guidance you will come to know the history of this marvelous land, Baja California.

1:30pm - 5:00pm

$85 per person. Transportation available, please inquire.

Includes: Guide and drinks


baja missions

One of the first actors and founders of the Californias in the late 1700’s were the Jesuit missionaries from the Society of Jesus, in service of the Spanish crown. Cruel and unconsciousness prevailed amongst the friars and priests, who suppressed local tribes, introducing rules of the new world to come. The native tribes retaliated against the missions and their Spanish conquerors who were also depleting natural resources, specifically water, which was as valuable as gold in the desert peninsula. Since that day, the fight between locals and big looting from the foreign development still exists.

$85 per person 2 person min.

Includes: Guide and drinks. Transportation available, please inquire.